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Removing old users

Tue, Mar 13th 2012, 02:16

Hi Guys

We will be removing any users that have not logged into Zeadoo in the past 2 years (prior to Jan 1 2010) in the next few weeks.

If you still wish to use Zeadoo for storing your bookmarks please login to prevent your account being deleted.

We are not planning on shutting down the service at all, just cleaning it up and removing unused accounts.


Zeadoo for iPhone

Sun, Dec 13th 2009, 17:14

Hi guys,

Guess what we’ve done!

You’re too right - we’ve created a Zeadoo iPhone app so you can use Zeadoo on your iPhone in exactly the same manner you do on your computer.

With more and more people catching onto iPhones and using them as their pocket lifeline, we’ve just made it easier for you to do so. As you already know, the beauty of Zeadoo lies in its simplicity of use and ease of navigation, and when using an iPhone – this is paramount.

Using the Zeadoo iPhone app is a piece of cake – and that’s what you want, right? All your search engines, categorised bookmarks, and shared pages are neatly organised on the one platform. Don’t forget the very handy feature that enables you to easily and privately share webpages with those you choose.

Of course, it is free - Download it today here!

We’re looking forward to your feedback on this, so please get in touch with comments, suggestions and any bug reports.

Make the most of our Zeadoo iPhone app!


PS: Don't forget to invite all your delightful friends and family to join in on the Zeadoo fun: https://www.zeadoo.com/invite

Yes - We are still alive :)

Tue, Feb 3rd 2009, 03:38

Hi Guys,

Yes, it's been far, far too long since our last update. We've been flat out on a few other projects and we also gave our hardworking staff a well-deserved break over the Christmas period. (Happy New Year btw!).

Now that we're back, I've got some great news to share!

We have just completed (with only a few hitches) our first major update of the Zeadoo platform and development framework. Sadly, lots of the benefits aren't visible to the untrained eye as they took place in the 'engine room' to improve Zeadoo's stability and speed. BUT- we have also added a couple of pretty cool features in response to members' requests, and you can check them out now:

  • Self sharing: This neat little feature lets you share a site with your good self when you don't want to bookmark it immediately, or you want to be 'reminded' of the fab page you found the other day by an alert status when you next login to Zeadoo. To get this feature rolling you must have the Zeadoo extension installed. The next time you think "This webpage is pretty sweet", all you need to do is click the bookmark icon in your browser, click the 'share' checkbox, type in 'myself' and hit the space bar. The link will now appear on your Zeadoo page underneath the shared tab. For those visual learners, here's a pic to demonstrate:

Zeadoo: Self sharing

  • At last - you can now add Zeadoo to your website or blog! All you need to do is add a single line of code and your users will be able to save and share your website (or blog posts) directly to Zeadoo. If they aren't Zeadoo members' yet, no worries! They can join through this popup too. Click here to add Zeadoo to your website or blog:

Zeadoo: Website integration

As always, we can't wait to hear your feedback on these new features and upgrades. And if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to get in touch.

Happy bookmarking!


PS: Don't forget to invite all your delightful friends and family to join in on the Zeadoo fun: https://www.zeadoo.com/invite

A quick update

Mon, Sep 22nd 2008, 20:40

Wow! What an amazing first week. Thank you to the almost 1000 people who have started using Zeadoo is only its first week of opening. We hope you are enjoying using Zeadoo and that you are sharing it with your friends.

We have been busy tidying up loose ends and answering your emails but in the downtime have added the following new search sites for you to use. They are:

Feel free to suggest anymore if you can't find them in the directory of search sites we have (currently over 250 in there!)

We love getting your email, so please email us with your thoughts or any parts of Zeadoo you are finding hard to understand

Public beta launches

Tue, Sep 16th 2008, 20:27

It's finally here folks - Zeadoo is now officially open to the public!

Create your free account and get started organizing and privately sharing your favorite bookmarks right now:


The Zeadoo homepage features search, bookmarking and private website sharing capabilities, combining the most popular tools on the web into one platform. Zeadoo is the first company to blend traditional homepage elements with private web sharing, opening the door to use by businesses and individuals who require confidentiality.

To read the full media release and information about Zeadoo, click here.

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